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Middle School

Coral Reefs

Coral Reefs Click here to see National Geographic coverage on Great Barrier Reef Coral reefs are some of the most [...]

Weather and Climate

Braunschweig Germany {{weather_day}}, {{weather_date}} {{weather_icon}} {{weather_temp}} °{{weather_units_temp}} {{weather_low}}° {{weather_high}}° {{weather_day_forecast:1}} {{weather_icon_forecast:1}} {{weather_high_forecast:1}}°{{weather_units_temp}} {{weather_low_forecast:1}}°{{weather_units_temp}} {{weather_day_forecast:2}} {{weather_icon_forecast:2}} {{weather_high_forecast:2}}°{{weather_units_temp}} {{weather_low_forecast:2}}°{{weather_units_temp}} {{weather_day_forecast:3}} {{weather_icon_forecast:3}} {{weather_high_forecast:3}}°{{weather_units_temp}} [...]

Food Waste

Food LossFood Waste It refers to any food that is discarded, or disposed of along the food supply chain. According [...]

Global Warming

Click here to learn from NASA Climate Kids Virtual trip to Greenland Greenland is melting We live in a greenhouse [...]

Mapping skills

Choropleth Mapping Choropleth map is one that uses different colours or densities of shading to show the distribution of data [...]

Y8- Rich world vs Poor world: Challenges to development

What is development? Development is about improving people’s lives . To ensure better quality of living. Promoting human dignity and [...]

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