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Sustainability Management: Think differently

Huge demand in the Corporate World at present. It encourages you to Think Differently not in terms of Money but also keeping Environment and sustainability in mind. In many universities, it is now offered as a duel course coupled with business management. The need for a sustainable world is growing..Read More

Why Geography is an important subject for a Marine Biologist?

Refer to the following links for more information:    

Challenging job of a NASA (ESA) Scientist


Urban and Landscape management

Here is a list of the best Urban Planning Schools in the World : . Also refer:  and   TU Braunschweig’s Department of Architecture, Engineering, and Environmental Sciences also offer attractive course in English on Sustainable urbanism and management. Here here to access more information.      

Resources Management

Geography plays a crucial role in understanding our world. It makes a vital contribution to our knowledge of the rapidly changing environment and social challenges we are facing and how best we can tackle them. Environmental engineering is a progressive discipline that can be pursued later as an offshoot. It  comprises of the scientific disciplines..Read More

Why GIS/Geo-informatics is so much in demand now?

GIS technology is a crucial part of spatial data infrastructure. There is no limit to the kind of information that can be analyzed using GIS technology. Here is a short list how GIS data and geo informatics would be used in almost all the fields in future. Refer this link to..Read More

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