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Geography as a group 3 subject for the Medical science students

For the medical sciences students Geography could be a plus as a group 3 subject. Medical geography enrich medical sciences by enquiring deep into the spread and cause of the diseases. Here is a perspective of a student who has studied medical geography as a major. Geo-medicine is a booming..Read More

What about applying for an Internship with UN or World Bank?

Getting an internship offer with UN is a dream for many. UN offers a great range of opportunities for the students with Geography, Economics, International relation and environmental management background.  Refer to the following links …to have an idea about the application process and requirements. The World Bank..Read More

IBDP Scholarships: Keep your eyes open

50 different types of IBDP scholarships are available for the students entering into the universities.  

A Commercial Pilot? Here is a perspective of a Geography student

The highs and lows of being a commercial pilot, her route to qualifying, plus some words of encouragement for young girls and boys who want to reach for the sky. Click here to Watch a Day in an Airline Pilot Life in Corona time 

Sustainability Management: Think differently

Huge demand in the Corporate World at present. It encourages you to Think Differently not in terms of Money but also keeping Environment and sustainability in mind. In many universities, it is now offered as a duel course coupled with business management. The need for a sustainable world is growing..Read More

Why Geography is an important subject for a Marine Biologist?

Refer to the following links for more information:    

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