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Geography as a group 3 subject for the Medical science students

For the medical sciences students Geography could be a plus as a group 3 subject. Medical geography enrich medical sciences …

What about applying for an Internship with UN or World Bank?

Getting an internship offer with UN is a dream for many. UN offers a great range of opportunities for the …

IBDP Scholarships: Keep your eyes open

50 different types of IBDP scholarships are available for the students entering into the universities.  

A Commercial Pilot? Here is a perspective of a Geography student

The highs and lows of being a commercial pilot, her route to qualifying, plus some words of encouragement for young …

Sustainability Management: Think differently

Huge demand in the Corporate World at present. It encourages you to Think Differently not in terms of Money but …

Why Geography is an important subject for a Marine Biologist?

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