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Ecosystem: The Treasures Around You

What is an ecosystem?

Producers, Consumers and Decomposers


Components of an ecosystem:

Click here to know more about the the largest tidal flats system in the world ‘Wadden Sea’ extends along the coasts of Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

Mudflats are coastal wetlands that form in intertidal areas (between low and high tide) where sediments have been deposited by tides or rivers. 

Wadden Sea: The largest unbroken system of mudflats in the world

Locate Wadden Sea on the map of Germany

Check your knowledge

What is a mudflat? How are they created?

What causes tides?

Why do we have high tides two times each day?

What are Spring tides and Neap tides? 

Three important facts about the nature and people that you have learned about the Wadden Sea ares?

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