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Hydrological characteristics and processes which operate in rivers and drainage basins. 

Drainage basin and water divide  is the area drained by a main river and its tributaries, bounded by a watershed. Components of a drainage basin are main stream, tributaries and distributaries, wetland and estuary (mouth of a river which is tidal), the exit of the basin (where the waters join another water body such as a river, lake, sea, or ocean). Watershed or water divide is an imaginary line that separates adjacent drainage basins. It is generally a highland or ridge or plateau.

The River Severn From Source to Mouth

Formation of a waterfall

Climbing the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall: Angel falls in Venezuela

Colorado River: I am Red

Meander and the formation of the Ox-bow lake

Case study: Polluted river of Citarum in Indonesia

Deadly Waters of Citarum in Indonesian

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