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Hydrological characteristics and processes which operate in rivers and drainage basins. 

Drainage basin and water divide  is the area drained by a main river and its tributaries, bounded by a watershed. Components of a drainage basin are main stream, tributaries and distributaries, wetland and estuary (mouth of a river which is tidal), the exit of the basin (where the waters join another water body such as a river, lake, sea, or ocean). Watershed or water divide is an imaginary line that separates adjacent drainage basins. It is generally a highland or ridge or plateau.

The River Severn From Source to Mouth

Formation of a waterfall

Climbing the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall: Angel falls in Venezuela

Colorado River: I am Red

River Processes

Meander and the formation of the Ox-bow lake


River Meanders

Your Tasks


A. Draw annotated diagrams and explain.

B. Look carefully the 2nd diagram carefully and ‘describe‘ the characteristics of lake Mary.

C. Notice the 4th diagram and using this diagram only, describe three differences between the cross section of the upper and lower course of a river. (try to use the given words: Wider, narrower, deeper, more V shaped etc.)

Instruments used in River and Coastal surveys 

Data Collection

Case study: Polluted river of Citarum in Indonesia

Deadly Waters of Citarum in Indonesian


Extreme weather event and flash flood in Germany (Case study 2021 event)

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