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Earth Day

Measure Your Ecological Footprint

The carrying capacity of our planet is not unlimited. The amount of production we can do to satisfy our needs is limited too as we do not have unlimited resources at a particular point of time. We are consuming more and more. We are creating huge amount of waste and polluting our planet without much consideration. WE are responsible for our problems.

Click here to know how many Earths you need if everyone on this planet starts to live like you?… ask you parents to help you in data input for the calculation. Make them aware too.

Use the GNF calculator to calculate your ecological foot print.  

Instrumental: Identify the problems from the pictures

Rap message to save the planet

Your Task

What comes to your mind when you look at the following videos?

Identify/make a list of the environmental problems indicated in the following videos using appropriate subject specific terminologies such as deforestation. You should be able to explain how do your identified problems causing harm to our planet? 

Self check (How good is your observation?)

Hint1. The longer your list, more attentive you are

Hint2. The longer the list with meaningful terms, more aware you are about your planet.  

Now: The final 

How would you like to make an impact in this world? What would you change in your daily life to reduce your ecological footprint?

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