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Food and Health

Global Health Review by Prof. Hans Rosling


Lifestyle diseases or Diseases of affluence- common in developed and newly industrialized nations
Non-communicable, chronic diseases of affluence E.g. heart, stroke, chronic respiratory disease (lung diseases), cancer.
Diseases of poverty
Infectious or communicable diseases). E.g. malaria, diahorrea, AIDs
AIDs: condoms, religion & culture (concurrency), education
Malaria: climate (dirty, still water)
Diahorrea: lack of hygiene, access to proper nutrition, access to health care, access to education
Tropical infectious diseases such as lymphatic filariasis, Chagas’ disease, leprosy, Guinea worm. These so-called ‘neglected’ diseases predominantly effect poor populations in low-income countries, and pose particular social and economic problems for those affected.


Class Work: Review Articles
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